How to Transform Your Conservatory

During the summer months whilst the sun is out we find ourselves spending more and more time in the garden or sat in our conservatories. A popular, inexpensive add on to houses in the 70’s meant that a lot of houses have been left with lifeless conservatories with very little character. Unable to add wallpaper or paint the walls you are left with very few options to help brighten up the room. That’s why we have put together a few simple and inexpensive ideas of how you can change your lifeless conservatory to a space where you want to spend precious time with your family and friends.

1.) Colour Scheme

Coming in top of the list is selecting a colour scheme for the room, it is vital that you choose this first as everything will follow on from this decision. The worst possible look for a room is when you have a mismatch of different colours running throughout. Once you have picked a colour make sure that you follow through with it and do not change your mind half way through designing! We advise choosing a warm colour such as a red; this will help to create a homely feel and contrast well with the light surroundings of a conservatory.

2.) Wooden Coffee Table

However large or small your conservatory is adding a coffee table helps to create a central focus for the room. We highly recommend having a solid wood table as this helps to add a bit of depth to the conservatory, we advise staying away from a glass table as let’s face it there is plenty of glass around already!

3.) Blinds

The most important thing to have in a conservatory is a good quality set of blinds they are crucial in a conservatory as without them you will be left feeling as if you are sitting in a greenhouse- especially in the summer months with the warmth of the sun through the glass. When you think of blinds the first words that come to mind to describe them are plain and dull. However there is such a wide variety of blinds available now on the market, in a selection of different styles and colours to choose from. Blinds are an essential item for all conservatories and by choosing a good quality set you can help to make a statement in your room. You will need to find a good conservatory blind company that will come to your home to measure the size of your windows and to offer you advice on the best look to suit your conservatory.

4.) Plants

Adding a few plants to a conservatory can be an easy and effective way to improve the look of your room. Stay clear from having a great number of pots around the room, but one or two large plants carefully placed in the corner of the room can help to fill those empty corners, one great example is the Madagascar Dragon Tree.

5.) Accessories

A large amount of money does not need to be spent on replacing an old sofa, instead you can transform it using pillows and throws. Selecting a neutral coloured throw and pillows that are in line with the colour scheme is an excellent way to make a room seem more stylish and formal. By adding these items you can help to transform an old, tired sofa into a statement that brings all elements of the colour scheme together.


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Interior Design Ideas for Small Kitchens


Are you worried about how you going to get a perfect kitchen in small space? Here are some ideas to get it done. We are not denying that the size of the kitchen matters. With a small kitchen the question comes on its performance and function. This problem could be solved with some serious planning, design, ingenious fittings and appliances. Your small kitchen can be super successful provided you choose your units carefully like thin pullout drawers. Choose with care each and every unit and the perfect kitchen is awaiting you.

Prepare a layout

Inside a kitchen you need to do food preparation, cooking, serving, and washing. So you need to create a place on the work top for each activity. Plan it on a piece of paper, mark points for power, taps, windows and doors. See that the distance between gas stove, sink and fridge is optimum. It can be easily done without any problem. But don’t keep the sink and oven behind the door. These should be placed in the corners of the kitchen and the distance from the wall should be at least 40cm. A corner sink always looks neat and it does not mess up other work space. The tall units of your kitchen could be kept at the end of a run. It gives you a little more space to open doors and drawers.

To make more space

A bit of homework is needed to work out the short comings of your present space for kitchen. Now you can decide what you can change for better. Remember home work is a must before you are carried away by the breathtaking designs you see in showrooms. These are the following things which you should keep in mind to plan your small kitchen.

a. Reconfigure the space of your kitchen by making small changes like placing the sink in a better position (one side or corner) in the kitchen.
b. See if you could open a door or remove a wall to open up the kitchen.
c. Last and the most important tip is remove non-essential things so that it does not occupy space unnecessarily.

Make your kitchen look good

A small kitchen does not mean that you have to compromise on the look of it. To enhance the look, its better to be strict with unit fronts. A well-ordered row of all doors, windows and drawers look best in a limited space. Along with this a row of equal size and width of unit looks better than uneven ones. For kitchen storage, wall units are good but these also encroach on the space of the kitchen. Its suggested not to fit wall units on every wall. Instead you can place narrow shelves in the kitchen. These are as useful as the wall units and less obstructive. Bi-fold doors on wall units are easy to access. Extra tall wall units make maximum use of height for storage capacity and these won’t take up much of your valuable floor space. You can do many other things to enhance the look of your kitchen: see that it is well lit, add units that are glossy, and add colours to the units.

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Do Magic With Your Carpets

ImageGone are the days when the sole purpose of carpets was to bring comfort to rough floors, as they now help define each room and add touches of personality to your home. Since they usually cover a significant surface space, it is  important to find a design which complements and improves your home interior. With this in mind, here are certain things that you should know before you hit the store. 


Colour is the first thing that springs to mind when we talk about carpets. If you don’t consider yourself eccentric, the colour you choose for your carpet has to be in accordance with the colour of the room you’re going to place that carpet in. Bear in mind that colour coordination provides the vital connection between a room and a carpet.

You should know that the colour of the carpet accounts for roughly a third of your room’s colour. If you want a carpet to play a prominent role in your room, make sure that the paint colour of your room is in tune with the colours of the carpet. 


Another aspect that you should consider is the design of your carpet. Carpets and rugs in their entirety can be seen as an extension of their owner’s personality, so their design is the most visual way to accomplish this. Be it modern or conventional, both of these styles demonstrate your self-expression and liking.

Geometric patterns are most adequate for contemporary settings, while traditional patterns can be used to give your space a vintage touch. If you mix patterns, it is good to know that the pattern and the colour should be in tune with each other. Another thing worth your consideration is the fact that patterned area carpets are way better at concealing those nasty yet unavoidable stains than those with solid colours.


You must also know the dimensions of the room where you want your carpet placed. For instance, a huge rug with sufficient floor space to frame it is usually a good solution for your living room. By the same token, know the size of your dining table if you wish to put a carpet under it. The table should fit on the carpet and some extra space is needed for chairs. The best way to find out how much space you need is to pull out every chair, measure from the back legs, and add a couple of inches.

A long runner is good solution for hallways, and you can even go for different runner rugs in succession, but remember that the colours should match. The bedroom normally asks for a huge, lush carpet as a perfectly gentle surface for your bare feet. 


Materials fall into two categories, natural and synthetic. It goes without saying that wool is the one that largely dominates the universe of carpets, as they are rich in texture, very long lasting and easy to maintain. Other natural materials that are used include silk, cotton and viscose. Silk, the most expensive of them, is held in high regard owing to its luster, while cotton serves as the foundation for different carpets.

Viscose is often used in combination with other materials and can represent a decent substitute for silk. Synthetic fibers, as polypropylene and nylon, and are affordable and easy to maintain, but those who stick to traditional approach will probably argue that they simply don’t offer the warmth of natural fibers, while environmentally conscious people find them unacceptable due to the damaging effect they have on our mother earth.


Once you have found the right carpets for your new home, you should know how to keep them clean. It goes without saying that proper vacuuming is the most important maintenance step. Regular and thorough vacuuming at least twice a week and more often in heavy traffic areas will remove soil and dirt particles before they become embedded into the pile of the carpet.

When it comes to dry cleaning or steam cleaning, we learn from the reputable Brisbane-based Total Carpet Clean that you should have your carpets cleaned every 6-12 months, regardless of the method, and make sure that the carpets are treated with safe, non-toxic chemicals.


Author Bio: Lillian Connors is a blogger and home improvement enthusiast ever so keen on doing various DIY projects around her house and passionately writing about them. She is also an online marketing consultant, closely collaborating with a number of companies from all over the globe. 


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Reinventing Your Haven


If you are tired of the old boring appearance of your bedroom, redecorating it can produce a new look. Improving on the physical state of your bedroom need not be expensive because there are plenty of DIY ideas that you apply in making your room look nicer, attractive and appealing. A little research can help you reinvent the bedroom. Here are ways for a bedroom makeover.

Hanging Artwork

When the walls are bare, one great idea is to hang artwork. Take note that artwork does not have to be costly and you don’t actually need to buy one. By using your creativity, you can come up with wall art that can be the focal point of the room. Examples are personal paintings, an old musical instrument, a large portrait or an artistic rug. Check on some family heirloom that’s just sleeping in the storage and recycle this to form art.

Put Accent on Bedroom Articles

Some items in the bedroom look plain and boring. By accentuating these objects, the room becomes more interesting and fun. Examples are painting the lampshade cover or clothing it with a favorite print or coloring the frame of the mirror. Look around your bedroom and check on stuff that you can enhance.

Reveal Your Personal Side

Your bedroom can define your personality. One great way of redesigning your bedroom is by decorating it with things that are related to your interests. If you are a musician, then create a corner where your favorite musical instruments can be exhibited. If you are inclined to fashion, then display your fashion artworks on the wall or on top of the cabinet. If you love collecting vintage items, then use one small shelf where all these articles can be displayed. Whatever your interests are, these can be revealed in your room.

Mount a Light Source

The lampshade is usually situated on the side table next to your bed. For a safer and more ergonomic set-up, use a lamp that can be mounted on the wall. That way, the lamp stand doesn’t need to clash with other items laid on the table. There are mounted lamps that come in various sizes and designs. For more added comfort, choose a lamp that can swing back and forth so that you can adjust its position during your reading time.

Designate New Roles

There are tons of items, objects and materials in the home that can be transformed into various uses. Find things in your home that can be used in the bedroom for a different role. Examples are using an old coffee mug as pen container, tall glass as flower vase, tree branch as bag holder and lot more ideas. Functionality can definitely be applied on some items in the home that are just kept in the shelves and drawers.

Pay Attention to the Floor

Improve the floor by putting a rug with vibrant colors and patterns. This will surely brighten up your bedroom and the spot will grab attention. There are plenty of patterns to choose from such as abstract, various shapes, stripes and animal skin. Choose the rug that best matches the design of your bedroom.

By trying new things on your bedroom, you will find more reasons to stay home than gallivant in the outside world. The bedroom is where you spend the most hours in the house; therefore this has to be comfortable, inviting and pleasant. You don’t need to hire an expert to design your room because creative ideas can come from your own imagination. All you need to do is gather ideas and turn them into reality.

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10 Tips for Making Your Great Room Great

Great rooms, or large living spaces of any kind, need special care when you re-decorate.

From colours to furnishings, a big or oddly shaped space demands the right style. These 10 tips are sure to give you some wonderful ideas for your particular room needs.

  1. Give The Room Different Functions.

Set up parts of the space for different things. Instead of one big “good for anything” area, have a sitting area in one part, maybe a media center in another and a reading corner, too. By breaking it up, it can quickly become more cozy and intimate.

  1. Make it Visually Different.

Now that you have your space broken up a bit, it’s time to break it up visually as well.  Using partial walls or screens are traditional ways to mark off different areas, but get creative. Things like furniture placement, where rugs are put, plants and even ceiling beams can segment a room visually and make it more inviting.

  1. Give it an Anchor.

Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, and in a great room, that equates to too many small items. It ends up making the space look cluttered instead of cozy. One way to avoid this is to have an anchor piece in the room. This is one larger item that smaller items can complement and be grouped with. This can be something like a piano or a sectional sofa, or even a built-in bookcase.

Taken from
  1. Height Matters.

If you have tall ceilings, short furnishings will make your room seem out of scale and look just “off.” Try adding some taller elements like bookshelves or a media armoire to draw the eyes upward. Taller chair backs and floor lamps can help, too.

  1. Light it Up.

Natural light in a larger room is usually not a problem as these rooms often have larger windows, too. However, to eliminate shadows and dark corners at night, you need more than the typical ceiling light fixture. Look for some larger lamps that have coordinating shades and then add some floor lamps where you need them.

  1. Add Some Colour.

If you have a very large, tall wall, colour can go a long way to breaking it up visually. Try adding wainscoting with a different colour above and below the molding. Another trick is to make the ceiling a few shades darker than the walls; this makes it appear to be lower than it really is.

  1. More is More.

In large or awkward spaces, consider using multiples of the same item. Two ottomans placed side by side, four chairs instead a sofa or three of the same lamp and draw the eye through the room.

  1. Don’t Fear the Wall Space.

One typical decorating school has all the furniture up against the wall. This can work well in a smaller room, but in a larger room, it can just be awkward. If you can’t comfortably have a conversation with someone, your furniture is too far apart! Pull your couch and chairs together around a coffee table or fireplace and leave things like bookshelves and benches for your walls.

  1. Bigger is Better.

In a big room, small accessories get swallowed up. Look for big, bold accessories like wall prints, lamps and accent tables. You can get a bigger impact from a few statement pieces than you can from a bunch of smaller ones.

  1. Get Cozy.

There is not much less inviting than a cold and echoing great room. Warm up your space by adding some texture. Rugs, upholstered furniture, curtains, anything that adds a touch of warmth and some sound absorption will help.

If you have a large space in need of a new look, keep these tips in mind. Implement one or more to give your big or awkward room a classy yet homey feel.

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Tips for Opening Up Space in a Small Living Room

The square-footage we want and the square-footage we can afford aren’t always congruous, but that’s okay – living in a small home isn’t all bad. It’s less to clean and more energy-efficient, so what you lack in space you make up for in time and money! Aside from just looking at the bright side, it’s actually really easy to make a room look bigger than it is with some simple decorating tricks. With a few quick changes, your home will not only be practical, but aesthetically pleasing, too!

Start by Getting Rid of Clutter

Making compromises is the essence of making the most of the space you have. Maybe you love those hundreds of knick-knacks and that really weird chair in the corner, but they’re doing nothing but making you claustrophobic. If you’re not willing to sell a collection or unnecessary piece of furniture, at least find a way to store them in a non-visible space, like the attic. An orderly room already feels more open.

See the Floor

Part mind-trick, part common sense: the more of the floor you can see, the more space there appears to be. When shopping for furniture, don’t go for anything that’s bulky by design. Choose sleek, slim-profiled pieces, like chairs without arms, glass-topped coffee tables, and small ottomans. Put as much furniture as possible against walls and away from walkways.

The Curtain Trick

Have you ever noticed that high ceilings make a room seem bigger? Well, we’re not all fortunate enough to find homes for sale that have high ceilings, but we can definitely create the illusion. Instead of hanging your curtain rod directly above your window, try hanging it six to twelve inches higher. Then, get long curtains that drape down almost to the floor. This will make the windows look bigger, and therefore, the ceiling will seem higher. You’d be surprised how much space it seems to add. Also, the more light you let in, the cleaner and bigger the room will seem, so choose sheer curtains or add some hardware so you can easily pull them aside in the daytime.

Strategize your Walls

Dark-colored walls are a big real estate trend at the moment because they give off a warm and cozy vibe, but that’s not your priority when working with a small space. Paint your small room with a light hue, like white, sky blue, or seafoam green for a light and airy effect. Add plenty of mirrors to create the appearance of more space, and try to avoid hanging shelves that will only get cluttered with figurines and photo frames.

Go Monochrome

In terms of furniture, curtains, accents, rugs, and paint, try to choose pieces that are all within the same hue. For example, a grayish-blue rug, sky blue walls, and navy throw pillows will keep the design scheme looking cohesive while still creating the illusion of more space. Pieces of the same color don’t interrupt each other, so they blend into the space for a fresh, open feel.

Watch the Busy Prints

A loud or busy print on a rug, some throw pillows, or a painting makes for a great accent. Loud and busy prints on too many items in the same room, however, is just a recipe for disaster. If you love patterns and prints, find a piece or two that can be the focal point of the room. Then, design the rest of the room around it, using solid colors and textures to keep everything else interesting but cohesive.


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Restoring your old Bathroom

Remodelling a bathroom is a decision many of us want to make, but most of us are held back by the prospect of the expense, time and management that is required. Employing the help of professionals can get the job done quickly and correctly the first time, but this drives costs up and it can be difficult for someone else to visualise your dream room. However, embarking on the project yourself means a lot less expense but many more weekends and evenings dedicated to the task in hand – and any mistakes can be costly too.

 For these reasons a whole remodel isn’t the ideal option for many of us, especially those with young families or those who are eco conscious.

This article will detail great ways to make the most of your bathroom, to give it a fresh lease of life, without the additional cost of gutting and remodelling the entire room.

 Restore, Reuse, Recycle;

Many of the things in our bathrooms are outdated or no longer to our taste, this doesn’t mean they have to be thrown out and replaced, they can simply be restored and recycled to look up to date and modern.

Any wooden cabinets can be stripped down and retreated to your preference, whilst plastic or metal cabinets can be spray painted for an entire new look.

Bath tubs, sinks and shower trays can also be spray painted in a new colour, or back to white to restore that ‘new white’ colour that fades over time. Tiles can also be spray painted to save on time, money and labour – simply masking tape the grout and spray with the colour of your choice.


Replace all of the fixtures and fittings in your bathroom. Updating your shower heads and taps will bring even the oldest of bathrooms into 2014. Adding new features, such as a heated radiator or a condensation free mirror will help to update your bathroom with all the latest mods and cons.

Repaint your walls, bathroom door and window frames for additional ‘new finishing’s’ and if possible, replace your flooring – if you have a small bathroom visit your local carpet and flooring store and see if you can purchase lino or flooring ‘off cuts’ at a discount.

Purchase a new set of towels, bathroom rugs and (if necessary) a shower curtain – try and buy matching colours to create a new theme in your bathroom. Place a bouquet of flowers or house plant on the windowsill or a shelf and add candles around the room to create ambiance and a relaxing room for the whole family.

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How to Store off Season Clothes

Ikea storage solutions
Ikea storage solutions

If you live in a place with more than one season, storing your off-season clothes is a must to give way to the new season’s clothes. This is also to help prevent your clothes from the damage of mold, insects and mildew. Before storing clothes, make sure that they are clean. Avoid storing them in plastic bags or airtight containers. Since spring is nearly coming, it is the time to hide your boots and overcoats and give way to your tank tops and short shorts.


Wash or dry clean garments instantly before you store them. This is to remove mildew spores and insect eggs. You can also eliminate the insect eggs if you put them in your dryer for 10 minutes. Besides that, grease and food spots in your clothes may be infested by the pests, which is why it is your top duty to clean your clothes since they are more susceptible to damage. It is important that you prevent starching clothes to avoid bugs and weakening the fabric.

Repelling Insects

You can repel insects by using cedar products. These products protect you from moths and mildew. This is because the aroma of cedar keeps off the adult moths from laying their eggs on your clothes. You can spray your clothes using cedar mist or through rubbing the cedar with sandpaper to revive the scent. Meanwhile, most of the people prefer to use moth balls to kill pests. If you prefer this method, place the mothballs as high as possible. This is because the vapors are heavier than air and drift downward to give protection up to three months.

Rules for Storing Clothing Items

Suede and leather must be stored in a well ventilated and cool closet. You must also cover these items with white clean muslin. Lay your leather garments flat and pad them with white tissue. If you have linen garments, roll them before storing. If you prefer to fold them, refold them often to keep the fabric from being creased permanently. Like leather, you must cover your linen with white clean muslin. Rayon should also be stored in the same manner as leather, wool and linens so with knitted and silky items. If you have metallic items, roll them with tissue paper and separate each layer. For your fur items, it is best to store them in cold, dark place.

 Storage Place

Once you have cleaned your items, it is time to check for the place to store them. There are laundry shops or dry cleaners that offer storage for your clothes. If you plan to use this service, inquire about their storage container recommendations. If you prefer to store them at home, enclose your items in clear plastic so that you can easily identify them and protect against moths and other insects. Leather, fur and suede should be stored in breathable bags. You can also store them in your luggage cases that you don’t usually use. Before placing your items in your luggage cases, clean the cases first and line with acid-free tissue paper. Avoid placing your items on areas that are exposed to extreme moisture and temperatures. Avoid placing them in cupboards since they are susceptible to insects and moths. You can use the upper portion of your closet to store your off season items.

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Simple Storage Solutions for Small Rooms with No Closet

Maximizing the space in your small bedroom can be a challenge, but without space for closet, it’s double the challenge. Worry not – there are simple solutions to your wardrobe storage and sorting dilemma. Even in a seemingly crowded room, you can apply a few creative fixes to make the most of the tiny space you have. Below are some helpful tips:

  1. List all pieces in your wardrobe and classify them. Check the wardrobe pieces you need to stock and sort, then categorize them. You will need racks or hangers for dresses and coats. T-shirts and shorts can be folded so you may sort them them on shelves. Socks and undergarments are ideally stored in drawers.

  2. Utilize the wall spaces for storage. Take advantage of the height of your walls –create custom-made wall shelves or wall-mounted closet system. They come in different sizes so you had better take the exact measurement of the wall space available. Clothes racks can also be mounted on your free wall space. Your wardrobe checklist will prove useful in deciding how much wall space you should allot for free-floating shelves, drawers, and hanging racks.

  1. Customize your own furniture to add storage spaces.If you have the power tools to redesign furniture to suit your needs, try adding storage spaces along. For instance, if you are planning to construct a bed frame, consider adding a storage space under your bed for your clothes, blankets, and bed sheets.

  2. Use hooks for some items in your wardrobe. Not all items in your wardrobe can be stored or sorted through shelves, drawers, or racks. For your coats, hats, accessories, and shoes, consider installing hooks on empty wall spaces available. It saves floor space and enormously helps get rid of clutter in the room.

  3. Choose multi-purpose furniture. When you choose furniture for your room, especially for your bedroom, pick a piece that serves several purposes. Some furniture that you can use as makeshift closet are trunks, decorative benches, bookshelves, and glass dressers.

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We hope that these storage solutions and ideas help you improvise a closet for space-challenged room. If you are looking for more ideas on how to make your room more spacious, here are some bonus tips:

  • Keep the room free of clutter. Keeping your room clutter-free and organized can make the space look bigger. Find storage boxes or baskets for small items that you can tuck away and arrange neatly in an area.

  • Maintain proper lighting in the room. Decorative lighting and a mix of natural light will help brighten the room and make the area look spacious.

  • Mirrors give an illusion of more space. Adding a big mirror or several tall/big mirrors in the room can be a big addition to help reflect the light and gives an illusion of a big space. Our eyes get tricked to thinking the room is spacious because the mirror can expand the space with its reflection. You can also use mirrored furnitures or big-framed mirrors for this effect.

  • Do not use heavy curtains in order to bring more light in. Using dark and heavy curtains for your window can make the room look smaller. Bringing more light from outside helps make the room look bigger. You can use some alternative solutions to window dressings such as blinds, decorative window film, or French doors.

  • Use bright colors to bring light in and make the space look bigger.Using bright color pallettes on your walls will help make the room look bigger.

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