Elegant Custom AV furniture

 Custom AV furniture – Whether your heart’s desire is a glamorous wall-to-wall home cinema design, a dazzling customised TV unit or simply stylish bespoke AV furniture, our designers are here to ensure you get the best performance out of the space available in your home.


bookshelves and TVHome cinemas are very popular today, often being used as both chill-out and party zones. With this in mind, our designers cleverly incorporate space for all the technology you might need, for whatever mood you may be in. Home cinema furniture can include funky colour changing LCD lighting for that party feel, while our bespoke AV units can also accommodate much-needed storage and shelving.


Even if you are trying to use an awkward corner of a family room more effectively, we can design bespoke TV units around your specific needs. Concealed storage can happily ‘disappear’ into a home cinema furniture design, allowing the focus to remain on the entertainment. Dedicated DVD and CD drawers, also ensure that your room remains clutter free.


A mix of eye-catching finishes, such as black lacquer, white gloss, mirrored cabinets and walnut panelling can transform your AV unit into a distinct style statement. Freestanding units also allow you the flexibility to change the layout of your room whenever it pleases you.

For more information on bespoke fitted furniture visit bespoke bookcases.

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