Barbara Genda bespoke storage solutions

Simple Storage Solutions for Small Rooms with No Closet

Maximizing the space in your small bedroom can be a challenge, but without space for closet, it’s double the challenge. Worry not – there are simple solutions to your wardrobe storage and sorting dilemma. Even in a seemingly crowded room, you can apply a few creative fixes to make the most of the tiny space you have. Below are some helpful tips:

  1. List all pieces in your wardrobe and classify them. Check the wardrobe pieces you need to stock and sort, then categorize them. You will need racks or hangers for dresses and coats. T-shirts and shorts can be folded so you may sort them them on shelves. Socks and undergarments are ideally stored in drawers.

  2. Utilize the wall spaces for storage. Take advantage of the height of your walls –create custom-made wall shelves or wall-mounted closet system. They come in different sizes so you had better take the exact measurement of the wall space available. Clothes racks can also be mounted on your free wall space. Your wardrobe checklist will prove useful in deciding how much wall space you should allot for free-floating shelves, drawers, and hanging racks.

  1. Customize your own furniture to add storage spaces.If you have the power tools to redesign furniture to suit your needs, try adding storage spaces along. For instance, if you are planning to construct a bed frame, consider adding a storage space under your bed for your clothes, blankets, and bed sheets.

  2. Use hooks for some items in your wardrobe. Not all items in your wardrobe can be stored or sorted through shelves, drawers, or racks. For your coats, hats, accessories, and shoes, consider installing hooks on empty wall spaces available. It saves floor space and enormously helps get rid of clutter in the room.

  3. Choose multi-purpose furniture. When you choose furniture for your room, especially for your bedroom, pick a piece that serves several purposes. Some furniture that you can use as makeshift closet are trunks, decorative benches, bookshelves, and glass dressers.

Barbara Genda bespoke storage solutions

We hope that these storage solutions and ideas help you improvise a closet for space-challenged room. If you are looking for more ideas on how to make your room more spacious, here are some bonus tips:

  • Keep the room free of clutter. Keeping your room clutter-free and organized can make the space look bigger. Find storage boxes or baskets for small items that you can tuck away and arrange neatly in an area.

  • Maintain proper lighting in the room. Decorative lighting and a mix of natural light will help brighten the room and make the area look spacious.

  • Mirrors give an illusion of more space. Adding a big mirror or several tall/big mirrors in the room can be a big addition to help reflect the light and gives an illusion of a big space. Our eyes get tricked to thinking the room is spacious because the mirror can expand the space with its reflection. You can also use mirrored furnitures or big-framed mirrors for this effect.

  • Do not use heavy curtains in order to bring more light in. Using dark and heavy curtains for your window can make the room look smaller. Bringing more light from outside helps make the room look bigger. You can use some alternative solutions to window dressings such as blinds, decorative window film, or French doors.

  • Use bright colors to bring light in and make the space look bigger.Using bright color pallettes on your walls will help make the room look bigger.

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